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Has your product been UKayed?

UKayed for safe secure online shopping buy safely online

The Ukayed logo and trademark is used as an indicator that the product has gone through checks to ensure that the product is fully UK compliant and of a quality that the customer will be more than happy with. How can we be so confident of this? Well firstly any product that has been UKayed will have firstly gone through quality control checks to ensure that we only sell products which we feel the customer will be happy with.

We also have measures in place to ensure if any problems come to light at a later date with any product that as been UKayed that it will be taken off from sale as we are only interested in keeping our customers happy by providing quality products backed by excellent customer service. We do this by various means, the most important of which is you the customer which we encourage to give feedback for the product they purchased (please use the link at the bottom of this page to give feedback on any product you have purchased that has been UKayed)

We also offer the consumer a Safe Buy Guarantee which covers the areas that gives the customer peace of mind when purchasing online and is fully compliant with EU selling regulations, for further details please click on the safe buy guarantee Logo on this page.

Any product which is returned is logged and details taken as to the reason for the return so that we are kept in the picture at all times as to what the customers think of products which have been UKayed.

Products will be withdrawn from sale under circumstances which we feel will give anything other than a great shopping experience for our customers the following are used to determine this.

Customers feedback: We feel this is the most important factor you tell us and we listen, when we receive enough feedback for any one product this helps us determine the shoppers experience with that product and where it is brought to our attention that a product is receiving bad feedback we will take it of sale.

Customer returns: We log all details of any returns and where any product as an above average return rate it will be taken off sale.

Quality issues: If it is brought to our attention that any product as a quality issue which effects the performance of the product in general, rendering the product not fit for it's original purpose the product will be taken off sale.

Our Mission

We wish to build a brand that gives you the consumer complete confidence in the product you are purchasing with guarantees in place if anything should go wrong. It is our belief that by providing the consumer with an happy shopping experience that they in turn will build the reputation of the brand by repeat custom and recommendations to friends and family.

Buying products which have been UKayed

Please note this web site is designed to be informative as well as to collect information from customers shopping experience. No products are available for sale through this site, if you were looking at a product that as been UKayed and have come to this site for information please press the back button on your browser to return to the site you were on. If you have any issues with the purchase of a product which as been UKayed please make contact through whichever site you have purchased the product from with contact buttons, email and tellephone number available from the seller on that site. Please only make contact through this site if you wish to use the feedback form or you are having any problems making contact through the site which you purchased a product from.

On a final note if you think there is anyway that we can improve on the service we offer please don't hesitate to contact us using the contact button with your idea's. After all this is a site that is created for you the consumer to make life easier when making a purchase decision online.

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